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Joanne Marincovich

Executive Real Estate Assistant

  • License : Team Marketing & Client Care Coordinator

Joanne Marincovich has been in Customer Service all of her Professional life. Her first experience was with CheckCare Solutions where she was head of a customer service team whose performance lead all franchises across the nation for many years. Joanne left to start her family and took several years off enjoying her children before she again took on a professional life back in the communications management of an Insurance Provider’s Safety Programs for a National Restaurant Chain. She excelled and the program grew under her tenure. She then moved into Real Estate and took all the diversity of her experience into this new industry and her skills brought a vibrancy and new perspective to the typical communication management of real estate leads, organizing and maintaining databases, while marketing to new networks and implementing promotional programs.

Joanne is extremely excited and grateful for this opportunity with the Weston Group and is looking forward to contributing and becoming part of their already amazing team.